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As water flows down your roof and passes over the LeafFilter system, surface tension pulls water through the micromesh screen.

Our product is installed at the optimal angle to handle as much water as your open gutters, while effectively shedding debris.

LeafFilter’s micromesh filter is completely sealed to protect your gutters — and entire home — from damaging debris.

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Sacramento is the capital city of California. Not many people know this it but Sacramento is the true power center of the Golden State and every week star watchers are on the lookout for the famous governor-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger to make his appearance. For the population of roughly 500,000 residents the drama is a welcome addition to this politics playing town. Physically located in the heart of the Central Valley, the climate of Sacramento is becoming more and more onerous every year. Temperatures rise to 110-120 every summer. Like many other Californian cities, the gold rush gave rise to the main surge in its growth. When the gold dried up politics took root as the main driver of the city economy and the rest is history. Popular neighborhoods in Sacramento include: Gardenland, Northgate, Del Paso Heights, Ben Ali, Glen Elder, Avondale, Boulevard Park, Sierra Oaks, East Sacramento, Meadowview, Land Park, Elmhurst, curtis park and Natomas.
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