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ThermoSpas began manufacturing spas in 1983 and launched the direct to the consumer spa business in 1995. Our corporate headquarters is proudly located in the US and has full-time employees across the country. At ThermoSpas®, every spa manufactured must score 100 percent on a rigorous checklist before passing inspection.During the quality check a team of ThermoSpas techs and quality control specialists inspect every facet of the spa. The spas are even water tested to ensure all components are operating properly. Once inspection is complete, the spa is dried, polished, detailed, packed, and labeled for home delivery. Direct to Consumer:ThermoSpas sells hot tubs directly to you, the consumer, to provide the highest-quality hot tubs for the lowest possible price, and you only pay for the features you want. Customized with features and options that fit your needs and budget from the number of jets to a stereo or even deluxe LED lighting. Call now for more details!

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